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Inspection App ?
  • Track your facilities, sites and units under a tree hierarchy
  • Manage all your assets, equipments and machinery within these facilities
  • Execute ad-hoc or planned inspections for all your assets
  • Easily customize each inspection based on your needs
  • Create work orders and tasks directly during inspection for effective work-flow process
  • Track, report, and repair all physical deficiencies before they arise
  • Attach manuals, pictures, guides and more to your service records for simplified service
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Looking for an inspection app for iPad or Android inspection app?

Inspect THIS! has a native mobile inspection app that allows field based workforce to improve their performance on inspections, audits and services. Users have access to data anywhere, at any time and can perform on-site functions with their iPads and Android Tablets.




by Avandel


Inspection Questionnaire

  • Flexible Question Types Matrix Style / Long Form multiple Choice / Wizard Style (Rugged): You can choose the style that is best for you, and easily change the style in the future if you change your mind.
  • Ability to add Comments to each question: Inspections involve complex evaluations and sometimes there is no easy yes/no answer. Inspector can add comments to any question if the provided options are not enough to clarify.
  • Photo/Video/Voice Proof: Each inspection question can be linked to multiple media items to prove the status of the inspection item.
  • Ability to add multiple virtual signatures to the inspections.

Questionnaire Management

  • Question Bank with ability to categorize inspection question with groups and sections.
  • Flexible Questionnaires that lets editing the forms on Salesforce and have them updated on the native mobile apps without the need of any software change.

Work Orders

  • Ability to open Work Order case directly from the Inspection: If an inspector notices there is an item that requires attention (safety issues that requires immediate repair), he can assign a work order right from his questionnaire.
  • Ability to keep track of Labor Hours/Parts Used in Work Orders: Technician can enter the hours spent and the parts used for the work orders he is assigned.
  • Ability to reassign a Work Order: If the technician assigned to a particular work order finds out that he won’t be able to complete the order by himself, he can request help directly from the app which will assign a new work order in the system.

Offline Use

  • Ability to conduct inspections and perform work orders without internet connection.
  • Ability to access asset information offline.
  • Ability to synchronize all data necessary for offline use when internet connection is available.

Assets Operations

  • Ability to perform an ad-hoc inspection on an asset.
  • Ability to create and perform ad-hoc work order on an asset.

Scheduling & Reporting

  • Scheduling: Inspections can be assigned and scheduled for a certain day and time, making it easy for inspector to plan out his/her
  • Inspection Question responses available in PDF format both on Salesforce and Mobile

Security & Privacy

  • Mobile access requires credentials to access features such as questionnaires and work orders
  • Automatic logouts to protect user privacy
  • Ability to delete all data stored on the device