Benefits of Inspection Apps in Public Service

Governments have to do periodic inspections as private companies.
It is an important and growing element of the regulation of public services. Inspection apps can play an important role of this process.

Government agencies are responsible for setting safety standards, conducting inspections, ensuring that standards are met, and maintaining a strong enforcement program to deal with those who do not comply with standards.

It is like company inspections, only difference is that on a larger scale.

Assets in the public sector is much more variable and different structures. Therefore audits and inspections can be done in an efficient manner and also quite safely.

Both state and local governments have many inspection areas as follows:

  • Construction Permit
  • Highway Inspections
  • Park and public areas
  • Trade Security
  • Pre-shipment inspections

The controls needs to be done in many areas as above but the people living in cities should also not be forgotten. Their needs and requirements must be fulfilled and necessary solutions should be followed. At this point, governments need inspection apps to fulfill all these requirements.



cloud based mobile inspection app


Public Inspections Go Mobile

Especially mobile inspection applications offer great simplicity for ombudsmen. During or after the inspection, work orders can be created and assigned to the technicians with detailed information by inspectors. Having a fast and secure solution, attainability from anywhere,  enhancing information sharing, compliance with rules and regulations, mobile inspection applications save time and money.

In government an inspection is the act of a monitoring authority administering an official review of various criteria (such as facilities and any other assets) that are deemed by the authority to be related to the inspection.

With Inspect THIS! mobile inspection app which was built on by Avandel – users can create quesitionnaires for different inspection areas.

Questions created in question bank will have divisions and group to enable an easier questionnaire management.

Facilities have sites; sites have units and the units have installed assets.

How does Inspect THIS! facilitate Field Inspections?

Complete Attainability :
All work orders and scheduling tasks which were created on console admin are visible on mobile devices.

Cloud Based :
Built on the proven platform. No IT costs and No Installation costs. Save significantly on time.

Access Everywhere:
Enhanced information sharing, carry the speed & accuracy to your business. Anywhere access to all information…

Audits in inspection applications; risk analysis, performance and standards-based inspections are done in collaboration with those auditees.

Inspections are done to check whether  the assets are in accordance with existing arrangements. The most effective solution for this is to use mobile inspection applications.

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Benefits of Inspection Applications in Public Service
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