Save Time and Improve Data Quality With Inspection Software

Do you use any inspection software?
Your current field data collection methods may involve a team filling out a ton of paperwork, taking hours to upload all the information and re-doing work when your company’s needs change in the middle of a project.

It’s an incredibly inefficient process that costs you many resources and holds you back from the growth rate you can achieve.

Thankfully, there’s a mobile solution to this problem. Inspection software offers many features designed to save you time and improve data quality when you have staff out on field tasks, whether you’re working on asset management, safety inspections or everything in between.


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Real-Time Results Speed Up Decisions

Wireless data penetration lets your field team stay connected to headquarters no matter where they are. As they go through checklists or collect other information, you receive updates in real-time.

If they happen to lack signal in certain areas, the data gets uploaded as soon as they come back into range, rather than when they get back to the hotel or a satellite office.


Cut Down on Required Paperwork

Going digital with your mobile data collection process lets you eliminate a lot of forms that the team previously filled out by hand.

You can customize lists and tasks for each project, use standard templates to get everyone up and running quickly and adapt to sudden changes without missing a beat. Everyone can access the same version of a particular project, preventing anyone from working on outdated information.




Create Clarity in Field Assignments

Field teams work independently in most cases, and they have limited resources to turn to if they aren’t sure what to do on a field assignment.

The manager may be unavailable, and the clock is ticking. Inspection software can include everything an employee needs to figure out what to do in a certain situation, so they don’t waste a productive day waiting for someone to make a judgment call.

You can also adjust field assignments if you find that the field team is missing the mark. Relevant information may have been lost, and you don’t want a failed job on your hands.

With a paper-based system, you would have to wait for a conference call at the end of the day or for the team to return to find out about a problem. With inspection software, you know immediately and can prevent a big issue.


Data is Automatically Added to a Centralized Database

Human error leads to many data quality issues, and traditional field collection techniques rely on manual entry.

Not only does that spend highly skilled staff’s time on a low-value task, but you also end up with the potential for many mistakes in the data entry.

Mobile field data collection software inputs the information as it’s collected, so the entire process is automated. You can maintain better data quality and make the best use of your field team’s time.

Inspection software transforms your field data collection from a cumbersome process to an incredibly valuable one. You save substantial time, improve overall productivity and end up with better quality data.




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Improve Data Quality With Inspection Software
Going digital with your mobile data collection process lets you eliminate a lot of forms that the team previously filled out by hand
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