Managing Assets With Fixed Asset Tracking Software

Fixed assets are thought as any ‘permanent’ object a business uses internally including however, not limited by computers, tools, software, or office equipment. Tracking fixed assets is an essential concern of every ongoing company, regardless of size.

The administration of fixed assets such as for example buildings, machinery and fixtures, that may not be changed into a good cash value regularly.

Fixed assets are managed through the usage of asset tags often, which are tracked through serial numbers, bar codes or RFID for less difficult organization, and so are filed for the intended purpose of accounting, theft and maintenance deterrence.

While employees could use a particular tools or tool, the asset belongs to the company and must be returned ultimately. And therefore lacking any accurate method of monitoring these assets it might be super easy for an organization to reduce control of them.

With advancements in technology, fixed asset tracking software program is now available that will assist any size business track valuable assets such as equipment and supplies.



According to a scholarly study issued in this year, the worldwide marketplace for enterprise asset management (EAM) was likely to grow at about 5.0 percent per year reaching worth $4,8 billion by 2020.

    The mostly tracked fixed assets are:

  • Plant and equipment
  • Buildings
  • Machinery
  • Vehicles and heavy equipments

Fixed asset tracking software allows companies to monitor what assets it owns, where each is situated, who has this, when it was tested, when it arrives for return, when it’s scheduled for maintenance, and the depreciation and cost of every asset.

The reporting option that’s included in most fixed asset tracking solutions provides pre-built reports, including assets by division and category, check-in/check-out, net book value of assets, assets overdue, audit history, and transactions.

All of this info is captured in a single system and can be utilized on PCs and also mobile devices.

Fixed asset tracking management solutions are made to help organizations to control assets and organize their maintenance schedule. This powers the organization to boost capital asset administration to improve reliability, enhance condition-centered maintenance, support asset sustainability and increase return on assets.

These solutions have applications in a wide selection of asset-intensive industries, such as for example power industry, oil & gas, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, metallic & mining, and many more.

As a total result, companies reduce expenditures through reduction prevention and improved gear maintenance. They reduce fresh and unnecessary equipment buys, plus they can more calculate taxes predicated on depreciation schedules accurately.

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Managing Assets With Fixed Asset Tracking Software
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