5 Benefits Of A Mobile Inspection For Businesses

When you look at your business, it’s important to focus on how technology can be of assistance to you. Creating a culture where you are no longer tied to your desk is possible.You can go paperless and be more mobile at the same time. There are a number of benefits to being able to complete a mobile inspection within your business, complete with the use of a mobile app.


Paperless Mobile Inspection

Your company has the ability to go completely paperless with the use of a mobile app. It is available for iOS and Android, and it’s native. The real benefit here is that it can work offline and sync with online data once you have an internet connection.

The added benefit of going paperless is that you no longer have important inspections getting lost in the shuffle of paperwork across desks.

Information from the reports can be obtained in real-time, thus ensuring that all the necessary departments have what they need without having to wait.


Capture More Data

Inspect This offers a unique mobile inspection for businesses, where all the data that is needed can be captured. Standard inspections are typically done in paper, on a clipboard.

This limits the kind of information that can actually be included within the inspection. The reality is, it’s important to have other data in some instances, such as:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Annotations
  • Audio
  • Sketches


The customizable data collection app makes it simple for those out in the field to collect the data in the way that it makes sense, based upon the kind of inspection that is taking place.

There is no longer a limit to demanding that everything be written down. If it makes more sense to take a photo as a way of showing destruction, wear and tear, or something else, it can be included with ease.





Reduce Data Redundancy

When it comes to inspection management, there is often a considerable amount of data redundancy. This is because inspectors are hand writing reports in the field.

Administration is then entering the information from the reports into a database. Then, there may be someone else entering the data yet again in order to create a report from manual analysis.

This can be a significant waste of time and resources. With all of the manual entry, it can also lead to more human errors. This can be avoided with a mobile inspection app.


Obtain Analytics

SalesForce is the platform that Inspect This! is built upon. The true benefit here is that all of the analytics SalesForce is known for is thus encompassed within the app. There is no need to recreate the wheel or conduct a significant amount of analysis.

When you take advantage of an app that is built upon the SalesForce platform, you get the workflows, the analytics, the dashboards, the approval processes, and the thousands of other leading features from a cloud computing platform that sits at #1 in its class.


Forms are Personally Configured

A mobile inspection is made possible for all industries. Regardless of whether you are in the public sector or within the government, you have the ability to customize the form so that it meets the individual needs of your company.

You can establish the fields, the kind of data that will be collected, as well as reminders as to when the inspections need to be completed.

You ultimately have to ask the question of: What am I inspecting? Once you can answer this, you can then determine what your form needs to have.

There’s no need to go with a standard piece of paper that can get lost easily. Instead, can provide more tools for the person conducting the inspection, and thus provide more information to those who want to know the results of the inspection.

A mobile inspection can open up a world of possibilities. You have to look at all of the benefits and determine how it can fit into your organization.

It can be advantageous for those out in the field conducting the inspections as well as those within the office who depend upon the results.

By eliminating the paper trail and taking advantage of dashboards and analytics, you can have more information at your fingertips, thus allowing you to make better business decisions all the time.

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5 Benefits Of A Mobile Inspection For Businesses
There are a number of benefits to being able to complete a mobile inspection within your business, complete with the use of a mobile app.
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