Non Profits Can Increase Funding Options

For non-profits that send teams of workers to far-flung areas of the world, delivering crisp and vibrant information that supports the validity of their efforts can be challenging. This same challenge also arises when a non-profit organization tries to find additional funding sources or otherwise find new streams of money. Using Inspect This! opens up new possibilities that can be tapped to deliver tangible results.

Show it in real time

Few methods of inspection hit home the way recording an occurrence in real time does. Open the Inspect This! app and a wealth of tools await there for your field staff. They can take videos, record audio or take pictures of what is occurring. An interview with a family who is being impacted by the building of a school that is close enough so that their children can easily attend can be seamlessly conducted. Team members can record themselves asking the family questions without having to awkwardly juggle paper and a video camera. Any device — mobile, cell phone, tablet, Android or iOS — is compatible with Inspect This! so no extra equipment is needed.

Easy Set up and Operation

Inspect This! makes it easy to communicate with your teams — even when you are halfway across the globe from each other. Set up parameters at your end by deciding who has access to what. You can seamlessly deliver itineraries with tasks that field personnel need to complete, add sites and set the portfolio for the project. While field members have instant access to those jobs that they need to perform and can take pictures, audio or video at any point during the inspection, you can segment the information so that only supervisory staff has access to some of it as well.



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Allows Supervisors to Easy Track Progress

Using Inspect This! helps keep the project on a time table. Right from the Inspect This! app, supervisors can streamline all of their programs so they can be managed easily. Tracking expenses and assets is also much more effective right from inside the app. Scheduled maintenance can take place at those times that are most convenient for field techs and staff. Best of all, the lines of communication are always kept open. Information that is entered — as well as videos, pictures and more — are stored within the app and downloaded to the central office the next time an internet connection is detected.

Inspect This! provides a seamless method of accountability that non-profit organizations can use to secure the funding to build more schools in impoverished areas in Africa. Try it free for 30 days and see the difference InspectThis! can make for your non-profit.

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Non Profits Can Increase Funding Options
Inspect This! brings to life the many ways that non profits funding is making a difference by building schools in Africa.
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