N&P Maritime Ensures Ship Safety with InspectThis! Mobile Inspection App

How much easier could it be to finish all audit and inspection app reports on the field?

N&P Maritime (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd with its overseas offices is able to provide safety services such as lifeboat inspection, ultrasonic thickness measurement, arrange docking spaces for ship repairs, supply of DMC crane and DMC crane spare parts.

N&P Maritime has the extensive experience and good qualification on lifeboat and ship inspections all over the world. They prefered Avandel’s mobile inspection app Inspect This! for all their audit and inspection processes.

Ships need to fulfill certain safety rules before standing out to sea or after any repair. It is an important process especially for ship staff and ship’s own safety. It helps to prevent and control public risks and provides a common way to fix them before taken on board.

Ship owners lose money every minute that remained on the land, and keeping this time in a minimum is very important. Therefore, N& P Maritime needed a solution which analyzes and reports the inspections results quickly and reliable in real time.

All Inspections on one single platform…

One of the biggest challenges faced by the company was the lenght of report preparation process for audits. First of all everything was on paper, technician had to complete the inspection on vessel and than come back to the office to prepare a report on inspection to send it to the customer. Inspect This! mobile inspection app collected the firm needs at a one single platform and significantly saved on time and cost.

Now, all N& P Maritime inspectors perform and track all their inspections with Inspect This! mobile inspection app on field and send the report to customers at the same time. Inspect This! – which was built on force.com – ensures the inspectors to see all job assignments and work orders in their smart phones or tablets in real time (Learn more about how N&P Maritime uses Inspect This!)

For example, various types of checklists can be created such as thickness measurement, damage control or tank gauging and can be grouped for N&P inspectors on the field. Inspectors can create work orders and assign tasks to related staff during the inspection.

After completing the task, Inspectors take a signature from the vessel contact person and convert the filled checklist in PDF and send it to the client via email.

N&P Maritime management defines that customer information and requirements are recorded in one single platform results in an improved cooperation between teams. They respond customer requests significantly faster in real time now and offering an additional value to their customers.

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