The Role of InspectThis in Disaster Response and Recovery

Disaster can happen in an instant. A tornado comes out of nowhere, a flood displaces hundreds, a train derails in a business district, a family’s home burns to the ground – and in disaster response, every second counts. When lives and livelihoods hang in the balance, it is vital that information can be collected and shared quickly and efficiently.

Voluntary organizations are the backbone of disaster response and recovery. While government agencies, like FEMA, respond on an official level, their purpose is to provide immediate, emergency response and aid in rebuilding the vital infrastructure of the affected areas.

It is the voluntary agency that steps in to address the needs of the people, providing food, shelter, and supplies to people affected by floods, fires, storms, and other disaster situations. The ability to collect data, share information, and efficiently manage inspections is essential.




Disaster Clean Up and Assistance

As teams are dispersed to aid in disaster clean up, coordination and documentation are critical elements in ensuring that the process is organized and efficient. Better organization means more people helped, simple as that.

In many organizations, this is usually carried out in two parts:

  • Conducting an inspection
  • Completing the work.

Often the two are not completed by the same person or team, so the ability to effectively prioritize tasks and convey immediate needs is extremely important.

With InspectThis, work teams can conduct inspections of homes and properties, take photos or videos, and make notes regarding what needs to be done, condition of the structure, any areas of concern, and other information.

Where internet connections are available the information is updated in real time and is immediately accessible by all the parties in the work group.

Once the information has updated, work teams can view the inspection reports then create and schedule work orders then assign them to various teams.

As the teams fulfill the work orders, they can take video or snapshots of the work being completed to document their role in the recovery efforts.

Voluntary agencies can also use InspectThis to quickly share information with outside partners such as local, state, and federal government contacts, utility companies, gas companies and more. Often, during the course of clean up after a disaster, additional problems that were initially missed are uncovered. For instance, a work team clearing debris from a flood stricken home may discover a gas leak. This can immediately be noted and sent to their point of contact at the local gas company who can then dispatch someone to take care of it.

Documentation is extremely important at all stages of disaster response and recovery. It is needed for accountability, to show what work was done, to document areas of concern that were discovered during the cleanup, and much more. An all in one application that allows for data collection, has photo and video capabilities, and allows for quick communication and real time work order updates is not only convenient; it’s smart.


disaster response and disaster recovery



InspectThis! helps Voluntary Agencies help People Better

When you add InspectThis to your disaster response toolbox you will be amazed at the difference it makes.

  • It streamlines the entire work order process because as inspections are conducted they are immediately uploaded into the system. This means that work orders can be assigned as soon as the inspection is complete.
  • There’s no waiting for inspection teams to come back, create work orders, print photos, and pass off to someone else for scheduling.
  • Newly discovered problems can be dealt with quickly, especially when outside partners are looped in as well.

The InspectThis mobile inspection app will bring organization, efficiency, and order to your disaster response efforts. Whether you are a small organization, a large one, or several agencies collaborating with each other to help the victims of a disaster, InspectThis can may your job easier. This means you can help more people faster and better.

Sign up for our free 30 day trial of InspectThis and have full access to all of the capabilities and features of the app. Call us today and find out how we can help you help others.



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The Role of InspectThis in Disaster Response and Disaster Recovery
In a disaster, every second counts. For voluntary agencies responding to a disaster, a quick response can mean so much to the people they help.
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